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Happy Women’s Day! Come to our Vancouver fundraiser with Team...

Happy Women’s Day!
Come to our Vancouver fundraiser with Team Blessed Bodies athletes and fitness models! Join us! Tickets must be purchased by March 13th. Help us support our Blessed Little Sister in her goals to represent Canada at the Olympics.


fitnessprint: In celebration of Women’s Day, we have a special...


In celebration of Women’s Day, we have a special announcement involving a vision that’s come to life, made possible by Fatima Leite Kusch and her Team Blessed Bodies athletes. PRESS RELEASE: A true sisterhood and sense of community is emerging in the health and fitness scene. Oxygen Magazine model, The WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model, and professional competition coach Fatima Leite Kusch, announced today that she’s launching a revolutionary initiative for teen girls — Blessed Little Sisters. This is a sister project to her acclaimed Team Blessed Bodies athlete program for competitive fitness models and it stems from Fatima’s own struggles with added expenses as a youth athlete. Fatima describes Blessed Little Sisters as a support system for select female teens who strive for excellence in their athletics, but face unmanageable expenses and other barriers in their regimen. She explains, “This isn’t about simply providing scholarship money to an athlete in need. I’ve built a group of caring, talented and generous women called Team Blessed Bodies, and these women are excited to participate on all levels in supporting our new Blessed Little Sisters. Our objective is to source special athletes who are rising stars in their sport but who are missing resources needed to achieve their goals.” Fatima states that the support given to each Blessed Little Sister will be individualized, based on an assessment of their situation and defined needs. It won’t be difficult for Fatima to find suitable Blessed Little Sisters struggling in their sport. The time commitment alone can add stress to families of champion athletes, and coaching costs can be devastating. Perhaps these girls are in need of transportation assistance to get to and from coaching sessions. Perhaps the Team Blessed Bodies fitness models will be seen setting up photo shoots for the girls, leading to media coverage and sponsorship submissions. This is a fresh concept in charitable programs, because it isn’t confined to financial aids. Coach Fatima and her team will be applying creative and unconventional solutions, using their expertise as women who understand the sacrifices and challenges involved with being a champion. Fatima says “Seeing this concept come to life is like seeing a dream come true. This is what it’s all about for us. This is a gift for our team as much as it is for our Blessed Little Sisters.”

One year ago a dream came to life and it’s still going strong. Check out last year’s Women’s Day post, announcing the launch of Coach Fatima’s Blessed Little Sisters program. And now we’re throwing a first annual BLS fundraiser. This initiative has been a great success! We invite you to join us in Vancouver on March 14th for this inaugural event with the Team Blessed Bodies athletes and models. Thank you all, for your continued support.


Team Blessed Bodies hits Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio! Leslie...

Team Blessed Bodies hits Arnold Sports Festival in Ohio!

Leslie Lewis, National Bikini Athlete and Blessed Bodies Flow Yoga Founder had a dream to step on stage at the Arnolds this year. Not only did her dream come true last Thursday, but she was blessed with a supportive entourage from Team Blessed Bodies. Coach Fatima Leite Kusch, her assistant Theresa Jenn Lopetrone, FP support coach Brandi Arden, FP Personal Trainer Dara Cox, and Pro bikini athlete/model Tanya Geisinger completed this epic girl trip. Everyone was sure to bring along their new Theresa Jenn Overexxxposed T-shirts (designed by Paul Buceta,) and snap pics with their favourite fitness personalities. We can’t wait to see photos from the various fitness photo shoots these gorgeous ladies booked. Congratulations Leslie and have a safe trip home, Beauties!

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Congratulations @FitLeslie365 – Elite Team Blessed Bodies...

Congratulations @FitLeslie365 – Elite Team Blessed Bodies competitor, Blessed Bodies Flow Yoga Founder, and dear client of Coach Fatima. You stepped on stage this week looking lovely as ever. You made Team Blessed Bodies’ debut appearance in the Arnold Ohio Bikini division, and teammates are already aspiring to follow your lead. What path to excellence will you pioneer next? Go Leslie!
Check out Coach Fatima’s touching post…
by @fatikusch “Watching this #woman #breakthrough her #struggles and #achieve her #dream #goal to compete at the #Arnold #asf2014 has been an absolute honour as her #coach #friend. So proud of you @fitleslie365 you did it!!! #believe #achieve #TBB #blessedbodies365 #triumph” via @PhotoRepost_app


Sneak peek from Team Blessed Bodies' shoot with Kai York
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